All over Germany major events are currently being cancelled because of Covid 19. The deadlines are different, sometimes until mid-April, sometimes until mid-May or mid-June etc. According to the general decree of the district of Osnabrück, major events with more than 1000 visitors are prohibited until 12 June 2020 (inclusive) due to Corona VORERST. According to this decree, the Ippenburg Summer Festival is postponed to 3 to 6 June 2021!

Summer guests! Sommerlust! On 5 Ippenburg Sundays, on an autumn festival with hunting&game, pumpkin, art and culinary delights – and on the 2nd pre-Christmas Brocante Festival!



Schloß Ippenburg 2020

Summer Guests! Summer Glories!
The great Summer Festival
13-14 June 2020
is postponed to 3 to 6 June 2021


Summer at last! The big summer festival is the starting signal for the Ippenburg Garden and Festival Season!

Summer Guests! Summer Glories, this is the motto for the Ippenburg exhibitors, as always chosen  and hand-picked by the organiser Victoria von dem Bussche, “Mother of the German garden festivals” now presenting her wonderful festival for the 23rd time. In the Remise (carriage house), Torhaus (gate lodge), castle and park and the 8ha exhibition grounds, more than 150 exhibitors will be offering everything the heart desires! Plants, plants and yet more plants! In addition, the lovely and the useful, art, jewellery, fashion and accessories, antiques and brocante articles for house and garden. Your  every wish fulfilled and some new ones discovered, whether for garden, greenhouse, or balcony, barbecue, kitchen or sitting room!

In the Ippenburg rosarium there prevails a feeling of unadulterated  summer glories. The 1200 roses are in full flower and thousands of summer flowers and perennials growing in between,  producing a colourful spectacle of summer hues. Summer glories and glowing colours are the leitmotif , crazy colour combinations providing a counterpoint, grasses and hedging elements creating  harmony in sharp and flat.

The Ippenburg Wilderness has in the last 3 years  developed into a paradise for songbirds and insects, the art project – an outside wonder room  –  is the source of exciting surprises and much fun.

Wonder rooms and cabinets of curiosities and art reached their heyday in the late renaissance and baroque periods. Only a few have survived. Although a reminder of the transient nature of things is the leitmotif of every wonder room, it  always stems from a pure, childlike passion for collecting‚ “The world is full of things and it is really important for someone to find them.”  So says Pippi Langstrump the Thingfinder. She finds something special in everything. Even in a rusty tin- can. We often overlook these little things in our fast-moving and noisy everyday life. In the Ippenburg wonder room, spread over several small stopping points in the Wilderness, you  will discover these little things.

In 2020 there are two premieres in Germany’s biggest kitchen garden, the Physic Herb Garden and the Slow Cut Flower Garden. Since the end of 2019 Ippenburg has belonged to the German Slow Flower movement which originated in the USA and spread like wildfire across Great Britain and the Continent, now having reached Germany.

Anne Oberwalleney from IKO-Flowers, who has been harvesting from the Ippenburg Gardens, will take part on all the four days of the festival, together with Marsano, two top florists from Berlin, and run a florist Design-Lab in the Zwergensaal in the Ippenburg Castle. They will be experimenting with flowers and plants from the Ippenburg Gardens and show that sustainability and artistic design are compatible. Visitors can watch them at work as if through a big key-hole.

In the Physic Garden guided tours of the medicinal herbs will be offered every day There is not a remedy available for every complaint but for many physical and spiritual disorders you can find wonderful flowering herbs, flowers and shrubs.

In the Old Orchard there stand long tables with  festive summer decorations. Delectable, freshly prepared delicacies await our Ippenburg summer guests, whilst the enthusiastic, passionate and creative chefs Rob KAKATO, Julian Tailleur and IKO-chef Tom Elstermeyer prepare artistic culinary taste bombs for you to try surrounded by aromatic herbs in the Kitchen Garden.

Activities for Children on Saturday and Sunday include creative and adventurous activities such as raft-making, building huts, canoeing, stand-up paddling, archery, making fires and lots more. And a highlight for children, teenies and young-at- heart adults is the 2nd Ippenburg Hobbyhorsing, the highlight from Finland. In addtion there is the popular bouquet and wreath binding and the chance to learn various artistic techniques.


13-14 June 2020
is postponed to 3 to 6 June 2021

Opening hours: daily from 11.00 to 18.00
Admission adults 12 €, Children and teenies free



5 Ippenburg Sundays
21, 28 June and 5, 12, 19 July 2020


Get out into the countryside! A joy for all the senses in one of north Germany’s loveliest and most varied gardens!

Why not take a Sunday trip out into the countryside? Visit the Ippenburg Gardens and enjoy  Nature’s bounties. Just let yourself go and experience the scents and colours of the fruits and old vegetable varieties in Germany’s biggest kitchen garden, or the wonderful flowering roses in the rosarium.

Following the Summer Festival, which opens the Ippenburg garden season from 11-14 June, the gardens will remain open every Sunday in June and July. Any visitor who always wanted to enjoy the Ippenburg Gardens  in peace and quiet away from the madding Festival crowds, has the opportunity to do so on 5 Sundays!

And for anyone wanting to find a little something to take away with them for the garden or home a few stands will be open.


21, 28 June and 5, 12, 19 July 2020
Opening times : each Sunday from 11.00 to 18.00

Admission adults 6€, Children and teenies free



The great Autumn Festival
25-27 September 2020


Schloß Ippenburg celebrates Autumn – Autumn time is harvest time, hunting time and Nature’s joyful colours and bounty!

Autumn fires blaze in the old orchard and in the Asado fire  venison is being grilled, whilst apples and sweet potatoes, pumpkin aubergines and parsnips, all from the Ippenburg kitchen are cooking in the ember,s and passionate chefs join in the competition ‚Who is Germany’s  game king?’

More than 100 exhibitors compete with the autumnal  splendour of the Ippenburg gardens. Jewellery, fashion and accessories, regional and international delicacies, herbs, fruit, perennials, rose and shrubs and an unrivalled choice of bulbs for the spring garden. In addition the wide variety of culinary stands, the autumn event programme for big and small, for hunters and archers, and outdoor devotees as well as the popular wreath-binding, pumpkin carvers and much more.

The 17th Lower Saxony Pumpkin Championship on Saturday  and the 3rd Ippenburg Pumpkin Paddle Champioship on Sunday promise much excitement and fun. The orange giants, which arrive for the big pumpkin weigh-in on Saturday, are hollowed out and serve as paddle boats on the Sunday.


25-27 September 2020
Opening hours: daily from 11.00 to 18.00
Admission adults 12 €, Children and teenies free



The 2nd pre-Christmas Brocante Festival
6-8 November 2020


A pre-Christmas Festival of lovely things!

Three weeks before Advent Schloß Ippenburg acquires a pre-Christmas, intimate,  romantic and poetic ambiente. Shining lights, glittering gifts, Christmas decorations and Christmas presents of all kinds – lavishly displayed in traditional and beautifully decorated, cosily heated tents, in the carriage house, gate lodge and in the Castle. Christmas draws near and here you will find many a good buy. 100 exhibitors from Germany and the Netherlands, among them 30 of the best bracante exhibitors, all welcome you to look around, admire and buy.

Brocante, that means living traces,favourite possessions and old treasures, food for the soul, dreams of times gone by , the useful but also the useless, the scurrilous , the captivating and the must-haves, for everyone who prefers the old and used rather than the unflawed, the proper and made to order.

In the Gartensaal and Zwergsaal of the castle a festively decorated restaurant  promises a cheery atmosphere with warm food, drinks, cake and coffee.

In the gobelin chamber and salon on the historic second floor the motto is ‚Christmas in the Castle’. A long table is decorated for the festivities and an enormous, decorated Christmas tree holds sway as in days gone by.  The whole evokes a taste of Downton Abbey which you, too, can share. (Admission to the exhibition 2€, entrance in the East tower).

Wreath-binding, baking cookies and making Christmas decorations are again part of the event programme.


6-8 November 2020
Opening hours: daily from 11.00 to 19.00
Admission adults 10 €, Children and teenies free


Our service

For all 3 festivals( not on the open Sundays) Schloß Ippenburg offers a free collection point service forvisitors’ purchases, a Cashpoint, a free professional dog-care service ( due to safety and hygienic reasons dogs and other pets are not allowed  onto the festival grounds) a bus shuttle transfer from Bohmte station on Saturdays and Sundays. At the summer and autumn festival a scooter and wheelchair hire is available free of charge.

Only at these certain times in the year is it possible to view the Ippenburg Schloß gardens and the kitchen garden. The Castle and gardens are not open at any other time!